Class of 2022

Lanier Middle School

Class of 2022

Lanier Middle School

Great 8 Dues

Each 8th grade student will be asked to pay Great 8 Dues. Great 8 is funded solely by donations from 8th grade parents and donors. To be able to have all these wonderful events, we need everyone to participate. If possible, please consider being a sponsor and/or sponsoring a student to cover those who may not be able to donate.

Great 8 Dues are $88.

Dues cover ALL of the keepsakes & special events:

     *   Class of 2022 T-shirt

     *   Class of 2022 Panoramic Photo

     *   GREAT 8 Breakfast Picnic, Field Trip, Dance and other activities

     *   Class of 2022 keepsake item (TBA!!)

     *   Promotion Ceremony & Awards

Please pay your Great 8 Dues  [[ Here]] . 


If you have any questions, please contact us!

Fill out the form or email us at:

Great 8 Committee Chairs:

Candace Day

Mirna Hackenberg 

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