LMS    2021 Great 8 Events

Lanier Middle School

LMS    2021 Great 8 Events

Lanier Middle School

Great 8 Activities

The Lanier Administration, PTO, and the Great 8 Committee are planning a series of events to celebrate our amazing 8th Graders!  

This year has been a hard one.  The COVID-19 pandemic has touched almost all aspects of our lives.  But we have seen our 8th Graders persevere through these tough times!  They have worked hard to keep up both their academics and their friendships in a new school environment.    Let's help them celebrate all of their achievments during their time at Lanier Middle School!


Great 8 Events include:

Class of 2021 Panoramic Photo (will be made virtually using 2021 school photo) - pick-up on June 8th 

Class of 2021 T-Shirt - Many have been distributed at school and picked up at our pick-up day.  If you still need your shirt, check in for a future pick-up time, or you can pick it up at the picnic on June 8th.

Class of 2021 keepsake item (TBA!!)- Pick-up on June 8th

Breakfast Picnic and other activities - Tuesday June 8th

Promotion Ceremony & Awards - Thursday, June 10th (look for updates on Lanier webpage and Purple Pups page)


Please sign up  * HERE * to volunteer for 1 or more Great 8 activity!





Contact Us


Please fill out the form or email us at laniergreat8@gmail.com.


Thanks for your interest!




2021 LMS Great 8 Commitee Chairs:

Leslie Wubbenhorst

Heather Carayanis

Anita Walker

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